Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Fish Moment With Pizza Hut

Time To 'Fish King Pizza'ing.

It was on Saturday (5th June 2010) at 2 pm. My sister wants to treat us the new pizza @ Pizza Hut, Maju Junction as she got her first pay and to 'revenge' the day we went there but the pizza is out of stock. (Can ar like that?)

I don't want to write more about it but you all just see about it. Hehe...
 This is it. Can't wait to taste the big fish on it!

Just look at the finger fish and you squeeze the lemon juice on top of it and can you imagine what will it taste? Walah! =)
And more, just see the cheese... very appetizing right. Tempting ha...?

Me : " Hei! Don't snap. Don't snap. Sensored. Just leave me and my Fish King Pizza alone."

Athif : "Ibu, I want it too..."

Ameer : "Owh, thank you very much. I'm craving for it since I watched it on the televison"

Pic top left : "Waaa......I don't want soup."
Pic top right : "Huh! At last. Use fork or hand?"
Pic below left : "Let me have it my own way"
Pic below right : "Hahaha...."(Kenyang perut suka hati la apa lagi)

Everybody took their sweet time and had it their own way.
Hiks... ;p

We've done with it.

We had a very enjoyable lunch and day together with all family members.
Hey! Wait. Where's Athif ?(my eldest son) 
I just notice that he not appear at all in these photos. It shows that everyone paid fully attention to the Fish King Pizza.


mrsharis said...

geramnya tgk ameer ni..dh macam budak besar jer duduk dlm high chair tu :)

wahida said...

aku x rase lg fish king ni...nampak mcm sedap je..harus try neh..

Pai the Mrs Razif said...

mrsharis: memang pun. dia skang dh nak panjat high chair tu. kalau leka sket sure dia jatuh punya. =)

wahida: harus try wei. Memang sedap.. sehingga menjilat jari. Ops... tu dah silap, macam kfc jer bunyi nya. Hehe...Harus try yea.